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œMake 2016 your best year ever!
Finally lose that stubborn belly bulge and keep it off!!!

Idea (2)It’s time to put your health first!

œ Its time to lose inches round your waist!

œ  This is true not just to make you look good, but it is a fact…a National Health Services (NHS), recorded fact, that women with a waist circumference of over 30″ are at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other high risk health problems.

œ  That is why I’ve put together this weight loss package called ‘Loose half an inch every week’. It is a weight loss program that will include good nutritional advice, based on your life style and your individual needs. Simple exercise routines suited to your fitness levels, support in all area including motivational and emotional when needed.

œ  Because I know that the weight loss journey can be a hard long journey. You hit humps and sometimes narrow and winding roads,like a roller coaster ride. But I’ll be there with you all the way… That’s what I do, that’s why I’m here. Because I care and understand your health should come first. With me your health does come first. And the rewards for putting your health first are, you’ll have so much more energy, you’ll feel more confident, and you WILL have a smaller waist.

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Get Support From Someone Who Understands Your Struggle…

œBertha started the Weight Loss Coach UK from a passion for fitness and a love for helping others and having struggled with her own weight-loss demons. She knows first hand what it means to struggle losing weight and keeping it off; and now that she’s accomplished her weight-loss goal and she developed strategies to keep the weight off, she wants to share her strategies with you

Bertha is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, and is experienced in the workout & fitness industry.


Why Choose A Weight Loss Coach?

œDirect Attentiona) When you have a coach, you now have an accountability partner. And when there’s someone to hold you accountable, you are more likely to follow through on whatever you’re working on… whatever you are procrastinating on… or stopping yourself from doing...

b)œ Having a coach saves you time, money, AND gets you results FAST. When we try to do things on our own it almost always takes longer!

c) By hiring me as your coach I can give you direction, therefore saving you lots of time, effort and frustration. Why struggle on your own and rely on guess-work, when you can hire me – a trained professional – to help you and come up with a bullet-proof plan for you! 🙂

d) A weight loss coach helps you build confidence. When you work with me, you’ll have a sense of purpose and we’ll celebrate together every mile-stone that you reach. Just knowing that you are on track, and taking action, WILL Transform You into a More Confident Person!

e) When you hire me, you get my unbiased opinion. Together we’ll identify your problems or challenges, and identify the end result you seek; then I’ll create a unique plan for you based on your needs, goals, fitness level, and schedule.

f) There are so many ways we limit and hold ourselves back. There are things we WANT to do, but often don’t do simply because we don’t believe in ourselves. Your coach will ensure that that’s NOT You! I’ll be with you every step of the way, championing and encouraging you. I believe in you!

g) The best athletes in the world have a coach. In reality very few people make it on their own, when trying to accomplish a worthy goal. If you want to succeed at getting stronger, leaner, and have the body you want, hiring your own weight-loss coach is the is the Next Logical Step…

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